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Simply and easily convert files of all formats into Apple TV

There is quite a number of users out there who use Apple TV and who can't enjoy content which is not available in supported formats. These users usually feel a wide hole gaping in their lives and sometimes even in their very souls, as if nothing is ever enough and as if they can't find true joy no matter where they seek it. We doubt PQ Apple TV Video Converter will restore the joy and light to their lives, but at least it will enable them to gain access to more content!
PQ Apple TV Video Converter is a great and easy to use solution for converting Tivo, DivX/Xvid movies, MPEG, WMV, AVI, RealMedia videos and many other formats into Apple TV in high quality. It's basically operates on a single click basis so inexperienced users shouldn’t have any trouble getting it to work and enable them to start enjoying content that was so far inaccessible to them.
The software program supports Apple TV movie batch conversion mode, AVC(H.264) to create smaller high quality video files, auto-stretch to 4:3, etc.
With PQ Apple TV Video Converter you'll be able to watch on the go all of the movies and videos you couldn’t up until now!
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